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Studies show that branding yourself as a salesman sells cars!  Why not have your own “member” site of your customers.  Think of this as your own website and your own mini facebook.  With your site, you can then easily communicate with your customers and they can with you, without having to know contact information.  And best yet the data belongs to you wherever you go.  How about having your own reputation portal, contact us for more; you will be amazed!

What Do I Get?

SalesmanWALL Includes:

1. Your own website portal: For a change your customers get to know you rather than just a picture of you on “meet our staff”!

2. Your owner portal: Your customers have a ‘Facebook’ like page through which they can communicate with you directly, and see your postings. All communication on the Wall is kept under that customer forever.

3. Easy, simple way to assign a car to your customer:
Assign a car from your dealership inventory. Or any other car from our drop down list!

4. Easy simple way to communicate with your customer and set an appointment. Every communication sends a notification that goes to your customers phone or email.

5. A complete repository of your communications with your customer.

6. A tool that is simple and mobile compliant so use your phone rather than computer!

7. No more sending cumbersome emails. Your site has the pictures and content.

8. Your own site, your own data.

9. This site is yours. If you leave the dealership, your site goes with you. 

10. We send two high quality, free posts based on your request per month, but you can post anytime you want!

11. How do you sign up?

Click this link and fill in the information!

All of this can be your for as little as $29.98 per month


With salesmanWALL, you will get the following:

  • Personal website portal
  • Owner Portal
  • Ability to assign a car to a customer
  • Easy way to communicate with your customer and set appointments. Every communication has a notification that goes to your customers phone or email.
  • History of communications with customers
  • Mobile compliant
  • Ownership of site, stays with you no matter which dealership you are with!
  • Two automatic posts/month