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A Case for Marketing the Dealership Brand

Good Grief, you think that website makes your customers feel special? Or is it all about you?

Customers are very perceptive!

Have you ever wondered why people buy cars from one dealership versus another? You might say the reason is simple, they like the products they sell. Well how about in metropolitan areas where there are multitude of dealers of the same brand? What makes one stand out in the eyes of the customer versus another? Have you heard the phrase “my mechanic” takes good care of me or “my salesman” takes good care of me? That is when an employee of a dealership has built a solid relationship with a customer who in turn responds to his calls or communications and better yet remains loyal to dealership for both sales and service.

There have been many attempts to circumvent the dealerships as they stand. Ford Motor in the eighties tried in Rochester NY and failed miserably and so did General Motors in other parts of the country. The final reason why people buy from anyone is that people buy from people. And especially from those who have shown longevity in business and in retaining the friendship. Although Uber is trying to change that mind set; still owning a car in this country is a mandate and a right to man or womanhood and a tremendous boost to one’s independence. So car ownership and car dealerships are here to stay. So, it is the “family” of the people of the dealership and its brand that is really selling and that is what needs be promoted. Especially if you are a dealer with multi brands it becomes even more imperative for you to promote your personal brand. Why should the customer buy from you than the guy down the street? What makes you stand out and what makes you special. Believe me, although your physical facility, is important, and so are your brands, they are not the main reason you are in business. So, celebrating that brand of the people of the dealership is every bit as important as the brand of cars that you sell.

How do you do this? It is not that difficult by truly first focusing the light on your customer and making him understand how valuable he is to you. And building a solid relationship, first, initiates with an element of trust. Why should this customer trust you to spend his hard earned money to buy a car from your dealership? And better yet why should he keep on trusting you to service his second largest investment in life, his automobile. The best way to garner that element of trust is to “listen” to what the customer has to say and make it easy for him to have a venue thru which he could express himself easily. And, by that I do not mean your dealership phone system. As, it is proven that unless someone knows your employees cell number they cannot reach that person as they do not listen to voice mail on dealership land lines.

autoWALL is a system that does exactly the above, each customer and all dealership members are members of the community through which they can communicate. Customer can express his beef easily and you can sell to them as well; because now that you listen they will listen too. On this WALL you can also inform them of not only your quality of service but the service you and your people provide to the community at large. You can celebrate your employees, their qualifications and how they serve the community in other forms. Again, remember buying and doing business is a “people” relationship business and cars are just a mere commodity.


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