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Handling Dissatisfied Customers

Handling Dissatisfied Customers

One of the most appealing aspects of the internet is its equalizing effect. A small group of people or just one single person can communicate information to thousands in a matter of seconds. And this information, if not complimentary, can have a devastating effect on huge and powerful companies. This is a beautiful thing, but also frightening. As now, we are all accountable for our actions especially those corporations who tout the fact that we are “service” companies. The retail auto industry is by no means immune and because of its structure of separate distinct departments, is even more in danger. Plus, although no longer the case, dealers and their service departments have had a reputation that is not enviable. So, as an auto dealership, we are hit with two whammies. One, our reputation caused mostly by our predecessors, and secondly the disjointed nature of our departments makes it very difficult to manage a customer experience all across our dealerships. Meaning, a customer could have a great experience in sales department but a bad one in service and vice versa. And, the two experiences very probably will add to a negative result, which of course, will point him to the web as the only source of retaliation. These negative comments even if, responded to on the web, unfortunately, remain on your rating site, or face book page or myriad of other sites. Heck, if the user has any idea of how to use social media, by a click of one button he could broadcast his offensive remarks to many sites at once. So, how do you handle this? Well you can hire an army of people to monitor all social media for negative comments, and try and respond. But of course the damage is done, as others have already read it and the poor little guy who is abused is always right and the cost is prohibitive.
So, what is the solution? The saying goes that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Most all dealership employees and specially management would gladly help clear issues for an unhappy client if they knew that the problem existed. So, is it not better to put products and processes in place that would preempt the “dissatisfied” customer from broadcasting than try and make him happy after he decided no one cared and only his loud voice on internet FINALLY got your attention?

This whole concept of client management is the heart of autoWALL. This is the only system where first you are providing a website that is customized to each of your customers, but also, you allow the customer’s voice to be heard anytime that customer wishes and specially after each and every transaction. In autoWALL, all members are equal and communicate with one another openly without having to know email address and or phone number. The customers cannot communicate directly, with other customer but a customer can communicate with all “dealership people” all the way up to the dealer principle. So, if the customer is unhappy he can express his issues directly to an “enabler” who is capable of addressing that issue. And, believe me dealership people love to hear these messages and so does the customer. As, most customers are not interested in bad mouthing anybody it’s just that they feel wronged and want their issues answered. Equally, most dealership management are not interested in doing wrong to a customer, it’s just that they do not know that “wrong” has happened. autoWALL brings these two stake holders together, facilitates communication and ,Voila, the problem is solved.

So, you say, wow, this must be expensive. Well how much do you have to pay to clean up bad reputation stats or watch social media for bad reviews? And, how much business are you losing that you do not even know about because of these bad reviews? And, the addressing of direct open dialogue with customer is a free aspect of autoWALL so you pay NOTHING extra.

Now, do you want to learn how it works?


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