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Frankenstein is still alive

Frankenstein is still alive and well and making lots of money!

The first Frankenstein horror movie was released on March 18, 1910. Most of us do not remember that date as we were not yet born. But the story has stayed with us and has caused many of us to look behind us when in a dark spot and fear the appearance of the monster. What was so scary about the poor guy was not necessarily that he was so big and so unattractive, but that his “parts” did not fit and did not “go together”. And, that when parts do not fit they cause a lot of problems when used together.

I doubt that few of us think of software technology as a “Frankenstein” but when you think of the analogy, it actually fits many of the products available to us in the automotive marketplace as “working tools”. This is greatly manifested in some of the projects that some manufacturers offer their dealers as they put together products of many companies and force the dealership to use them as one tool. No consideration is given in these instances to the fact that the products were not necessarily planned to work together, nor to how does one train the final user on two separate products with two separate cultures. Least of all is the consideration given to the cost inherent to the end user when these separate products are sold. As one has to pay the cost to each vendor separately, of course the OEM is not the one footing the bill as they are not the final user. A Frankenstein of software indeed! And we all know how Frankie faired in the end. He did not marry and live happily ever after. Of course there is CO-OP money, but has anyone actually measured the damage done to the department when doing and undoing one of these “Frankies”, and if that CO-OP money really does cover that cost?

Yesterday, I was presenting to a colleague, who has requested to remain unnamed, but is an insightful executive in the automotive retail market place. We were discussing other products available, and he indicated that some were “Frankenstein” to which I laughed totally missing his point, as I thought he meant they were monsters both in price and functionality. He then asked if I realized what he meant, that not only the tool is not workable but the reason is because the parts do not fit, as they were not designed for one body!

This analogy was so adept that the picture of “Parts that Do Not Fit”, has stayed with me and I decided to write this blog. . I am not sure where this will go, but at least might cause you to laugh and reconsider the Frankenstein you are about to install!


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