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Going to NADA make the most of it II

Going to NADA make the most of it II

Don’t fall for the fancy placement or presentation. There is nothing new there.

So, you are going to NADA and you want to make the most of it. But before you go, you need to decide exactly the reason for making this trip. You could be going for the lovely sights of New Orleans but, I would presume, if that was the only reason, you could go at a less congested and overwhelming time. So, you are going because of NADA and that is, maybe, because you are seeking a special service and the best providers. All vendors have spent a lot of money to be present at this event but some far more than others. The reason, needless to say, is as some companies have far more wherewithal to drop cash than others. But the size of booth or its placement has nothing to do with quality of product. For that matter some of the biggest booths are owned by those with the oldest tools that have not changed in years. Those companies try to make as much “noise” as possible to assure voice of the little guy with exceptional tool is drowned. And, let me tell you, mostly they succeed. But just as in most other tools and services there are constantly new and better versions developed, so are in automotive especially technology sector. So, do yourself a favor by visiting the smaller booths with unknown names; they have got something to prove and you might find exactly what you need and at a far more competitive pricing.

So, go check out the 10X10 booths in the far corners and see what they have to offer first. Or for that matter make your lists starting with those “little guys” and then go to the big guys and then compare the options. You might be amazed at what you find.


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