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Going to NADA make the most of it.

Going to NADA make the most of it.

As a vendor who is and has been on both sides of the isle, both vendor and dealer, I see NADA as a daunting and exhausting but also exciting opportunity. This is where the “opportunity” and the seeker match. Be it dealership personnel seeking a product or service or a product or service seeking buyers and users, this is where they all meet. This convention, being as it is the only gathering of its kind, gets to be rather overpowering if you do not plan to visit whom you want to visit ahead of time. This is also where you want to separate wheat from the chaff, look for new trends, technologies or products. A lot of companies introduce new products during this gathering some of which are truly outstanding and some which, as they say,are not worth the time. Also, if not careful you might walk yourself to death literally as the halls are huge and much to see. So, I have a few tips to make your trip worthwhile learned from years of attending this event from both sides of the isle.

1- Study tools your dealership is using and see what the return on the investment on each is. This “return” is not necessarily money wise but also time wise. As we know in today’s world, time is money. Evaluating customer facing tools such as website becomes very important. Realize that the website of the millennium has morphed into something very different than the standard sites most OEM certified vendors sell.

2- You also need to evaluate these tools in user friendliness. I am sure, that you realize that in the millennium, most software technology is built so that it is intuitive. Meaning, most people doesn’t take courses for using Facebook for daily use. Your systems today should follow the same rule. So, don’t be so worried about switching gears that your people might have hard time learning or that the cost of training might be high. These could include CRM products and services. Is the CRM in its present form serving your company well?

3- Study tools and processes at your dealership that might be lacking but that customers value or would like to have. Essentially put yourself in the shoes of your customer. One type of product here could be an electronic vehicle health report that is interactive and communicated directly to the customer. This kind of tool assists in reduction of declined services and adds transparency and streamlines communication with customer which is all three pluses for your dealership.

4- Which department at your dealership could use a boost in productivity and what kind of tool can help you achieve this. For example online payment system in service department improves efficiency, reduces red tape and makes your customers much happier.
So, itemize these needs and score them as most important to least and then once NADA releases the list of vendors you can then choose which ones to visit. And, if you see this blog worthwhile, please come visit us at both 5306.


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