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It’s all about your intent

It’s all about your intent

It is well known that products and companies that prosper are those that first, truly provide a product that works and secondly, have the best of their clients at heart. It is also well known that you build a relationship that can be nurtured only if you truly communicate and let the other side know how important they are to you by investing time in their well being. Parents that raise successful children are those that not necessarily spend a great deal of time with their children but those that use the time spent in total focus of interacting with the child. So, the short and sweet of it is that all of us crave attention, not only from those closest to us but, from those with whom we have chosen to have a relationship. People we do business with are no different; we choose to work with them and we expect for them to focus on us when and if we are interacting with them. The other day I saw a little cartoon on the web that brought this point home more than ever. Two guys are talking and one says to the other that “you keep talking about this club you belong to and it is no more than a gym, so what is so special about the “club””.? And, the other guy says “nothing, except that the fact that I am member of their club makes me feel important”. Wow, how tremendously insightful, the club makes their customers feel as though they belong and that they are important.

There is nothing shatteringly amazing about this. The club makes their members feel special and wanted and any business owner can have that “club”. We as car dealers have a huge number of people that spend a great deal of money with us. Our top 33% customers generate 85% of our revenue. Would it not make them feel special if, first, they learned that you knew who they are and second, that you valued them enough to make them part of your community or club. The car dealer of today is inundated with businesses trying to make them irrelevant. It is the job of the dealer whether he wants to become as such. How do you keep from becoming yet another victim of times, make your customers fight for you. Make them want you there because you are a support system they cannot do without. Get to know who they are and let them know who you are and what you are about. How do you do this? Build your community, communicate through the community and allow the communication to be bidirectional. Not just you yelling at them when you are ready to sell something, but allow them to communicate when they “want” something and then react.

With autoWALL, we promote transparency and open lines of communication. That is most evident in the use of the techWALL and the vehicle health report, where a technician provides a status report on the health of the vehicle to the customer. Although you sell more service and reduce declined services and improve technician efficiency by using a system like this, none of these are the real impetus for installing it as those are again, all internally focused reasons. Meaning they make you more profitable and make your life easier. The main reason is because you make your customers feel special. It is not in the delivery of the VHR but, the fact that you are willing to spend the time and money and resources to install a project such as this where, at its heart is attention to the consumer. The question you want to ask yourself is can I survive without my customers. Well that is a silly question to ask as we all know the answer. So, do all you can to involve and take care of the customer and make them “truly” feel special. Believe me it will pay you at the end.


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