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Join the ranks of the winners


Join the ranks of the winners

Dealertrack and autoWALL Service-Pay-Online

It is an honor to have received the prestigious DealerTrack certification with Opentrack and the integration with the Dealertrack DMS.  Service-Pay-Online for Dealertrack dealers, as well as many others, is totally seamless and requires no human interaction.  Once the RO is completed in that DMS, the communication with the consumer via text, post or email can initiate where the customer can pay the repair through a secure system directly online.  This makes lines at the end of the day shorter, life easier for service advisors, less need of yet another cashier who does not know what the repair was, and most importantly, less red tape when someone is using a spouse’s or parent’s card to pay.  A win-win situation!

If you are a Dealertrack user,  click here for your very special offer.


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