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It’s no small feat to be a dealer today!

It’s no small feat to be a dealer today!

You face the following issues

  • Customer distrust especially with millennial
  • Online reputation management difficult
  • Search result page 1 strong placement hard to get
  • CRM: delivery short of potential (internet lead management)
  • Websites: boring, static, disparate, value delivery sub-optimal to millennial
  • How to improve results in fixed operations and digitalize; without incurring huge cost!

No way to truly connect with customer and stop mass migration to cheaper options when the car goes out of warranty.

Wow, it becomes a daunting task to run a dealership and manage customer base and manage some six or seven disparate vendors that address the above mentioned issues. Not to mention the cost of each and every vendor. Add to that the cost of time spent first managing to find the right vendor for these products and, second, the expenditure of time at your dealership installing and training. It’s enough to make you run for the hills. Add to all of that this issue with CDK and R&R who are forcing all vendors to either go bankrupt or pay through the roof to serve “their” dealer as though all their client dealerships along with their data belong to them. And of course now the dealer has to pay for all this HUGE “interface” cost just to please those two DMS providers or go to court.

So, here is a solution to a great deal of these problems and it is autoWALL. This tool single handedly addresses all the above functionalities needed. autoWALL requires one single interface payment, one install and one set of training. Do you not owe it to yourself to just at least explore the possibilities this tool opens to you and your company? For how long do you hang with this abusive expensive old technology software that are part of your headache and make your life difficult? You owe no one anything but you do owe your customers, yourself and your employees a better system for communication, customer management and many other services you need. Click here to read about autoWALL and autoWALL APP. You have nothing to lose.

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