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Service Pay On Line

News Release


Gratis Solutions, the producers of autoWALL, are proud to announce another revolutionary tool added to its arsenal of client care; SPOL or Service-Pay- On-Line is now released and successfully operational. Service-Pay-on-line makes the lives of customers and service personnel much easier and payment of a repair much quicker. autoWALL’s core functionality is focused on addressing the needs of the everyday common user of dealership services and the onset of SPOL, makes that customer experience just that much easier and more seamless. Rather than waiting to pay at a dealership cashier or service advisor at the end of a tired business day, SPOL users will be able to pick up their vehicle and go. Service advisors will already have been notified of the on line payment having been made. Or the customer can show their receipt on their mobile device, retrieve vehicle and drive off.

Saphura Safavi Long, president of Gratis Solutions, indicated that this one tool has brought more attention to the company in a short period of time than any other of the tools available within the autoWALL Interactive Customer Community. She attributes this success to a need in this vertical that is being addressed easily and with as few human interactions as possible. We all know that service advisors and accounting professionals at the dealership are busy and a process that makes their life easier, only adds to employee productivity and dealership bottom line.

A client service director indicated that this single tool makes not only the life of the consumer easier, but it also improves CSI as the customer does not have to wait at pick up. Also the advisors are not overly busy at pick up time so that they can address customer needs other than cashiering hurriedly at the end of the day. In this process there are also increased opportunities to discuss upcoming services as well as any declined services and a further buy-in is acquired from the consumer.

Of Course, the autoWALL declined service functionality, along with its reputation management capability singlehandedly delivers Google scores of 4.5-5.0 for a dealership, which is a requirement for today’s millennial consumers. it also delivers over 31% increase in organic leads and around 50-70% improvements in unique visitors. All this along with appointment setting capabilities and developing the branding of a service department are outstanding characteristics of this unique and revolutionary system.

Gratis Technologies has as its investors’ automotive dealers and professionals and is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee the home of one of the fastest fiber optics cities in the northern hemisphere. The tools are all developed in responsive web design and are developed in the latest available software environments. Please visit their website or call them on 423-521-7806 or email


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