Putting convenience and automation at your fingertips!

  • Automated online payment systems

  • Compliant texting interface

  • Targeted marketing strategies

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Transforming the customer experience and dramatically increasing profitability!

  • One comprehensive low-cost system

  • Innovative and Interactive website

  • Efficient digital solutions for the service drive and shop

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Building trust through transparency with your service customers!

  • Interactive Vehicle Health Report(VHR)

  • Automated direct communication between service, parts, and customers

  • Increase your lines per RO by up to 30%!

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autoWALL is the first and only Interactive Customer Community
It has the power to change the relationship between a dealer and customers

autoWALL harnesses the power of social media, the connectivity of the web, the data-driven sophistication of CRM, the simplicity of email and personalization of a private conversation.


Making dealership profitable!
Improve online reputation statistics with payWALL and autoWALL

Never mis-communicate to a client again.

Full responsive

Works on all mobile devices to ensure your client has the best customer experience.

Advanced Reporting

Full reporting allows you to see how many clients you are affecting in you broadcasts and advertising.



Instant emails sent to your client on completion of your vehicle health report.

Google Analytics

Track visitors on your website with detailed analytics reports.

Discover great features

Our responsive, fast techWALL interface will streamline you service department process.


Perfectly designed

Improving your customer’s service experience through transparency while increasing lines per RO.

  • Electronic Vehicle Health Report (VHR)

  • Ability to upload multiple videos to VHR

  • Ability to upload multiple photos to VHR

  • Estimate is posted to customer profile

  • Direct communications throughout the shop

  • Automated routing of information from tech to parts to adviser

  • VHR is sent through email or text to customer

  • Easy approval process through profile or mobile device

  • Declined work is noted and saved for future opportunities

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Mobile application for your instant messages and RO's

Communicate straight with the customer through autoWall on your mobile device.

Instant Messaging

Don't miss a single response as you will receive all communications straight to your mobile application

autoWALL app

Monitor RO's

Monitor all the open RO's progress from your mobile device

Awards and Certifications

20 most promising automotive technology solution providers for 2017

Chattanooga, TN –Gratis Technologies the producers of autoWALL® systems and associated services today announced that CIO Review which reviews annually the most promising software providers to the automotive vertical has chosen Gratis Technologies as one of the top 20. The company will be presented in the listing and a one page article will be featured in the Automotive Technology. In the email announcing this honor CIO Review wrote:

From the first V8 engine developed by Ford to the driverless cars of today, automotive technology has seen massive development over the years. Going forward, these trends will see vast upturn in driver systems, autonomous vehicles, biometrics, vehicle tracking systems and more.

Further, the presence of major regulatory requirements like CAFE regulations, sustainability protocols, and changing preferences around ownership will require OEMs to depend more on technology to control costs.

In the last few months our selection panel has evaluated over hundreds of technology solution providers based on their ability to assist the technology decision makers in overcoming the challenges in the automotive sector. To help the automotive sector selecting vendors that offer most innovative technology solutions, CIOReview is coming up with the special issue on Automotive Technology in which we will feature the “20 most promising Automotive technology solution providers.

The magazine will be available in print and digital version and will reach out to over 77,000 subscribers of CIOReview which primarily comprises Senior IT decision makers and IT heads.

July 18

CDK Global approved interface

We are honored to announce that Gratis Solutions is now an approved interface with CDK Global. Service-Pay-Online for CDK dealers, as well as many others, is totally seamless and requires no human interaction. Once the RO is completed in that DMS, the communication with the consumer via text, post or email can initiate where the customer can pay the repair through a secure system directly online. This makes lines at the end of the day shorter, life easier for service advisors, less need of yet another cashier who does not know what the repair was, and most importantly, less red tape when someone is using a spouse’s or parent’s card to pay.

May 6

DealerTrack certification

It is an honor to have received the prestigious DealerTrack certification with Opentrack and the integration with the Dealertrack DMS. Service-Pay-Online for Dealertrack dealers, as well as many others, is totally seamless and requires no human interaction. Once the RO is completed in that DMS, the communication with the consumer via text, post or email can initiate where the customer can pay the repair through a secure system directly online. This makes lines at the end of the day shorter, life easier for service advisors, less need of yet another cashier who does not know what the repair was, and most importantly, less red tape when someone is using a spouse’s or parent’s card to pay. A win-win situation!

November 4

More and more extra great features


Key Trends in Automotive Retail

Millennials are the largest are the largest segment of population.

  • Replacing Baby Boomers are largest car buyers (WSJ Oct 2010)

    • 78 million baby boomers (born 1946-1964) at their 74 million

    • 93 million millennials (born 1980-2000)

Data-driven, personalized experiences

Fixed operations growing % of dealer profits

  • Declining new and used car grosses

  • Less cars driven greater miles due to sharing

Websites of growing importance as brick and mortar declines


The Best Solution

autoWALL helps dealerships transform their customer experience and dramatically increase profitability by offering one comprehensive low-cost system that includes highly-converting, interactive websites coupled with productivity-enhancing digital solutions for every service drive & shop...providing the service department of!


About autoWALL

  • Founded in 2013
  • Diverse client list
    • Luxury and mid-line
    • Domestic & import
    • Large & small
    • Throughout US
  • Well-rounded, experienced management team
    • Founder of successful CRM company
    • Public mega-dealer senior executive
    • Auto website company senior executive
    • Long time multi dealership General Managers
    • Talented programmers and engineers

Requirements without autoWALL



Content and SEO


Reputation management


Social media


SEM / Display / Etc


Outbound email / Owner marketing


Online payment system


Digital technology for service drive





Read the latest news here.

autoWALL Improved
AUGUST 16, 2018
We have taken the existing autoWALL system and migrated it to the latest technologies and hardware. The migration is to the latest PHP version, MariaDB 10 and built on top of the PhalconPHP framework which is an extremely fast c++ framework with a foreign interface into PHP. The servers are now upgraded to high speed SSD's and the latest Centos 7 operating system. This has increased the page load times up to 7x faster than the original framework. This allows the car dealerships to process service transactions a lot faster, improve overall client experience, and for autoWALL to easily out-perform any of its competitors.
NADA 2018
FEBRUARY 13, 2018
One of the busiest people in the dealership are service advisors who are greeting customers coming in helping people online or on the phone setting appointments all along; promising the customer who just left their car that they will communicate with them while the car is in the shop about further services needed and when the car is going to be ready. And, as the people in the face of advisor are louder and require more attention, he quickly forgets about the customer who left and he promised to communicate with. In a large service department where repair numbers are in the hundreds per day this can magnify to be quite a huge problem. So, customer does not hear from dealership and he calls and he calls and he calls for the status on his vehicle. These status calls can become quite a new monster to deal with in a very busy service department. They cost not only money but cause disgruntled customers who will give you bad reviews and or express their unhappiness by abandoning your dealership or abandoning your brand totally. Being as at autoWALL not only we believe that a happy employee leads to yet happier customers, we believe in all our products that we should make the life of employee, first and foremost, easier and not to add to their burden. That burden, also incudes products that are hard to learn and require lots of training. Because, we also believe that if we make usage of any of our tools difficult to learn, that is the quickest way that dealership employees tend to abandon the tool no matter the level of effectiveness. So, in order to address the status calls, we have developed this easy to use autoWALL APP which advisor downloads to his own cell phone and accesses the open repairs directly and sends quick easy texts back and forth to the customer. The customers love it, as they hear from him and the advisors love it as it is simple quick and is on their phone. Mind you the texts are all held in the system repository of texts for that dealership and can be easily recouped for accountability concerns and yes, they are compliant as well. And guess how they have affected status calls in one of the largest BMW dealerships in the country with their most busy service advisor? He used to have 10% status calls, and that number is now reduced to a mere 1%. Pretty amazing result no? You want to learn about this amazing product and the other sister products? Come see us at booth 1780C at NADA 2018 in Vegas. But don’t just come by, as we get very busy, please click here to set an appointment for some personal time with one of our representatives there. We look forward to seeing you at NADA and introducing you to the amazing awAPP
Get your dealer online payment system now!
OCTOBER 27, 2017
So, what is the impetus for online payment system? It is a winner all the way around. Look at it this way what do the consumer of today go for? Experience, Experience and further experience. That translates to; all the nice amenities in the service department but most of all quick well performed service that does not waste time. You could have a very beautiful dealership; a very nice service advisor and the repair done expeditiously and well the first time and even save them money. But have that customer stand at the end of busy day, with two hungry kids in the car screaming, in front of your cashier to wait to pay and to review that invoice can wreck the whole experience. It is amazing that online payments trickle in all day but there is a tsunami of payments at the end of day specially Friday nights and in large metro areas where driving is tough. Customer wants to make sure that they can pick their car up even if they are passed closing. And, dealership can rest comfortably that they are paid for the work done and have a small crew that can just release a car upon identification in place after hours, not the whole department. So, as a dealer you save money on overhead and end up with much happier customer a win win all around and you really have no choice. The sooner you bite the bullet the better. Don’t wait till your customers ask for it as it will make you come across as behind times. See how much stuff you buy online and remember you are a member of the same community.

App Breakdown

  • payWALL
  • On completion of a RO your client is sent a notification with a pay link which allows them to pay online instantly. We support many online gateways to ensure a seamless flow.
  • Notifies the customer of their completed service, and gives them the option to pay online
  • Delivers the entire invoice to a mobile device in a neat, easy to read format.
  • Certified with most DMS with bi-directional interface.
  • Allows the customer to use merchant services to pay with their own credit card for further security.
  • Delivers messages via text, or email.
  • Contact Us
  • autoWALL
  • Interactive websites are not just a marketing tool. They turn a customer base into a community that will set your dealer group apart from the competition.
  • Complete websites, ideal for multi-dealership sites
  • Customer accounts providing access to rich customer profile
  • Vehicle History, Online Appointment Scheduling, Personalized Marketing
  • Inventory Display with payment calculation and OEM Incentives
  • News management/blogging
  • Simple and robust texting interface
  • Companion App for iOS and Android
  • Contact Us
  • techWALL
  • Full service department automation.Improving your customer’s service experience through transparency while increasing lines per RO.
  • Electronic Vehicle Health Report
  • Ability to include photos and video
  • Estimate is posted to customer profile
  • Automated routing of information from tech to parts to adviser
  • VHR is sent through email or text to customer
  • Contact Us


See customer comments below.

"We are enjoying a record year in the mechanical department. The past four months have each beaten any month prior to this year. This is happening in, what is otherwise, a less than banner year. One month can be a fortune fluke, two probably not, four, there is something going on. What has changed? Personnel are unchanged. The only difference that we can determine is that we were not using techWALL during the first five months of last year. Excluding the body shop, looking at mechanical only, sales are up 9.9% and gross is up 12.2%. This is significant. Sales per customer labor RO are up 0.21hr. Except internal, which reflects vehicle sales, we are seeing an across the board increase in all labor. We think that the techs and service advisors are finally hitting their stride in using this tool and expect to see this growth continue. payWALL is growing as customers become aware of its convenience. They all appreciate the express pickup and express pickup is just a natural outgrowth from express service. Thank you. autoWALL is creating a bright spot in a somewhat uphill year."
Nelson Long
Mercedes-Benz at Long of Chattanooga
"Hyundai Of La Quinta has been using a great product called payWALL, developed by Gratis Solutions out of Chattanooga, TN. This tool not only enables our customers to pay online, but allows our service advisors to communicate via text with all of our customers. The most successful part of this product for us is the ability to send Targeted Marketing to our clients and to really know who is interested. This company has really made a huge difference for us and I believe that any franchise dealership should consider this to be a very valuable tool, a great product, and an awesome return on investment. As General Manager of Hyundai Of La Quinta, I thought that I would let it be known that payWALL has made a huge difference in our customer retention, and most of all, a great return on investment!"
Robert Calloway
Hyundai of LaQuinta

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