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 CycleWALL is the only patent-pending interactive customer community specifically tailored to motorcycle dealers and their customers. It offers a comprehensive owner portal, marketing campaign, proactive reputation management, and accompanying CRM. It takes the concept of social, and turns it on its head to produce quantifiable results. Improve the ROI of your digital marketing with cycleWALL today.

More Features

  • Payment Buddy

    Our Payment Buddy takes your prospect’s key terms such as rate, down payment, and purchase and applies them to all inventory search results while generating a lead.

  • Service-Pay-Online

    Automotive service is one of the few places where a customer still has to come to dealership and stand in front of a cashier at the end of a busy day.  This makes for inconvenient experience, even if the service department has done their job expertly.  So, why not reduce employee cost and improve customer experience by allowing them to pay on line.  This seamless, easy to use system take little to install and requires literally no employee training. Best yet it’s reasonable to buy.
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    The WALL addresses SEO, putting you in a leadership position where your organic marketing is concerned. From news and updates to inventory, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Client Stress Early Warning System

    A key feature of the WALL is proactive automated Reputation Management Services. Each transaction , whether it be sales or service, polls the consumer to secure their feedback. If satisfied, they are directed to the appropriate review sites to complete their rating. If dissatisfied, the dealership is notified immediately thru the WALL, and the negative feedback goes straight to dealership senior management for handling, as before it reaches the web. Our clients have excellent online reputations and use their dissatisfied messages to improve their businesses. Contact Us to learn how the WALL can take you to 4.5 – 5.0 stars, like it has for existing WALL clients at no additional charge.