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Frequently Asked Questions


 I already have Customer Relationship Management (CRM), website, and marketing software along with paid reputation management. Why do I need to pay for another service?

autoWALL allows the dealership to save money by hosting all these services in one place.  You no longer have to pay multiple vendors for each separate service.

 I have XTime, why do I need this again?

Although Xtime is a good product, autoWALL is more user friendly. It allows notification of finished services and Service Pay On-Line.

We are on Facebook and other social media. Why do I need another network of customers?

autoWALL is exclusive to your dealership and your clients.  You can communicate to your clients without posting on their personal social sites.

What is an Interactive Customer Community (ICC)?  How does it work?  

Interactive Customer Community is a place where your clients and employees can communicate compliantly.  You are able to post specials and coupons for sales and service departments.

How can customers pay?

We offer three completely secure merchant services for the security of your customer, but you can also choose any merchant service that best suits your dealership.

How do you affect my reputation scores?

Companies using this product have seen a direct increase in reputation management. Since this tool allows your customer to communicate directly with dealership personnel, over 75% of complaints are handled before they reach the web or your surveys.

Is this a form of CRM?

No.  autoWALL allows customers to see their profile page, and communicate back to the dealership where CRM does not.

Why is ICC better than CRM?

CRM is a one way product from the dealership to the customer.  The customer has no direct communication within CRM.  Studies show that customers are happiest when kept in the loop.

What is wrong with my present website?  I think it looks pretty.

Our website design is completely responsive and mobility friendly, saving you the hassle of a separate mobile site.

I already have an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sanctioned website. Why do I need another?

Our website is certified by many manufacturers.  The OEM sanctioned sites have limited functionality, and they do not stand out from the rest.  In addition, you still have to pay for a mobile site.  The amount of money spent on the mobile site will often pay for autoWALL.

How do you help my Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is increased by using the same URL address for each department.  We will post news on your website that the crawlers will identify as unique. This helps to increase your position with website searches. The most aggressive crawlers, such as Google, tend to accept responsive web design as a more authoritative site and, in turn, improves SEO.

My manufacturer told me that I have to sign with their provider. Is autoWALL still an option for my dealership?

The announcement made at NADA this past January indicates that you can choose any provider so long as you meet all of the requirements of a Digital Service Drive.  You don’t have to spend as much money as the manufacturer wants you to believe to meet your requirements. autoWALL is much more efficient, using only one product for all of your needs.

Do you provide text notifications to my customers?

Yes, and we are integrated with several different DMS for this notification to be automatic.


Who writes content for my dealership?

You can submit your own content, or let autoWALL professionals write for you.

Why is content important?

Content helps to increase your SEO and adds to transparency for the consumer.  This makes your company appear as more of a service organization and improves your chances of selling to the Millennial generation.


What functionalities does autoWALL have that a CRM/website do not have?

AutoWALL has two way communication, real-time service scheduling, and reputation management.

Who is the Millennial generation? Why are they important to the dealership?

Millennials are the new generation who are emerging into the marketplace.  They have increasing purchasing power and like to communicate through devices more than on the phone or in person. They tend to gravitate more toward transparency, which is in the core of autoWALL.

 My dealership doesn’t have expertise that would enable us to generate trendy posts. Who helps us with this? ?

We have professionals that can help target posts for service and/or sales.  This cost is included in the price of autoWALL.

Who needs to be trained on autoWALL, and how long does it take?

Sales consultants, service consultants, management, and receptionists.  In other words, your front line people.  The training is minimal since the system is so user friendly, and all transactions are done system to system and behind the scenes.

My service advisers are incredibly busy, so how does this products help them perform their job better?

AutoWALL will help to increase your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) through better communication tools. Better communication leads to better retention.  Your retention increases through the declined service communications as well as increased repair order count. PayWALL enables quick customer check out and actually reduces time in front of adviser, making their lives much easier.


What specific issues does DS4SD, Digital Solutions 4 Service Drive cover?

DS4SD addresses the need for technological mobility in the service lane.  A clip board is no longer necessary when all of your tools are congregated via tablet.  With DS4SD, menu selling is more visible at curbside check in, saving the customer time at drop off while maximizing  upsell potential.

Using tablets to take photos of customer vehicle damage at check in can help the dealership save money and reduce the headaches involved with  damage accusations.

Real time appointment setting by any dealership personnel or customer via the web economizes the time it takes to set an appointment.

DS4SD gives the dealership more flexibility to communicate with customers via text messaging.

DS4SD includes all the benefits of payWALL.