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Automotive service is one of the few places where a customer still has to come to dealership and in many cases still stand in front of a cashier at the end of a busy day to pay and pick up vehicle.  This makes for a bad experience even if the service department has done their job expertly.  So, why not reduce employee cost, and improve customer experience by allowing them to pay on line?  This seamless, easy to use system takes little to install, literally requires no employee training and best yet it’s reasonable to buy.

Why SPOL as a tool of choice for Service-Pay-Online: 1. The company developing the tool has over 20 years of experience developing enterprise level tools that address the needs of the automotive vertical such as CRM.

2. With all the technology available to the auto dealership of today, their consumer’s have to still come to the dealership to pay service at the end of day

3. SPOL allows the customer not only to pay but realize that their car is ready when it is

4. SPOL can deliver the entire invoice to a mobile device

5. SPOL is certified with most DMS with bi-directional interface

6. SPOL allows a customer to use PayPal interface to pay using their own credit card for further security. In this way the consumer’s credit card number is not visible to dealership employees

7. SPOL delivers messages via text or post or email

8. SPOL has agreement with PayPal that our clients get their funds automatically without having to ask

9. SPOL provides the information on “paid” service directly to the accounting department and service department. No one has to pass data from one department to another

10. Using this system the dealership does not have to make a customer go through verification when they use another family member’s credit card, as the driver can forward the payment request to the “authorized” card holder for payment.

11. A dealership can also use SPOL for direct text marketing to their client base. A tremendous money maker!

12. SPOL can be used to text marketing to “declined” services consumers reminding them of the importance of the service they have missed. 13. In short SPOL is not only a customer satisfaction enhancement tool, it is also a very powerful marketing tool as well.

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