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How does techWALL improve service department productivity?

How does techWALL improve service department productivity?

techWALL has shown great promise in increasing lines per repair order both amongst high line and other types of vehicles.  Most customers choose repairs most “visible” to them.  Repairs such as recommended manufacturer repairs or items those are visibly wrong.  But there are usually many issues that can only be diagnosed by a technician with in-depth knowledge. These issues might not seem so pressing at the time and might lead to further more expensive repairs if done later or might just simply be dangerous such as brakes that are worn thin but are not manifesting themselves as problematic.  The high line results are truly impressive as they approach 30% increase in lines per RO.  In other vehicles, although, still impressive the percentage increase is reduced to about 11-13%.  This discrepancy might be due to the fact that highline customers have more expendable income to accept other needed repairs than others.  Remember 60% of customers struggle to pay a $500 repair bill.  But even for these people, if a timely repair ends in spending less in the future, it is certainly worth it and a great service.

Another aspect of improved productivity caused by techWALL is improving efficiency of the technician time.  techWALL not only streamlines communication with customer but also with other members of the service department team such as advisor and Parts employees.  As a rule technician spends three hours of an eight hour day either trying to communicate with advisor to attain authorization for a repair or travel to parts department to ascertain availability of a part.  All of this time spent is non productive and does not lead to one cent of revenue.  In fact this wasted time is very expensive, not only as technician is hourly paid but as he is one of the few employees of a dealership who directly contributes to revenue generation.  So, as you see this single tool not only makes lives of many, including the customer, easier but also generates a great deal of revenue all around a winning product.


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