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Website of the future is already here and performing well


Website of the future is already here and performing well

Gratistech was again honored and amazingly surprised at the analytics autoWALL provided versus other sites such as OEM mandated It has been our premise, since the inception of the concept of autoWALL, that in order to remain viable in the eyes of the customer, the dealer must manage that customers’ experience in all and every interaction. That includes the customer experience when on the dealership website. Also, one must wonder as to how best to “manage the customer experience” without being able to “hear the customer’s voice”. And, “hearing the customer’s voice” does not mean that you have a phone number which they can call if needed. Have you ever tried calling your own dealership and seeing how tough it is to actually get a service advisor on the line? Come to think of connecting to a manager on the phone line! Also, try to email these guys and see how often and how quickly they respond. Any successful business must try to walk in their customer’s shoes and gain the experience. It is only then that you actually can manage that experience and that you can improve upon it.

So, you put up a website and pay a lot for it with lots of good pictures of your fabulous building and the gorgeous cars. You, of course, have a “contact us” form which proudly provides your phone number. But, unfortunately the form is only and always routed to the sales BDC. As of course, why else would a customer fill this form out unless they needed to buy a car? Hello; wake up; where in your business can a customer go where they are unhappy or have an issue? Ah, post it on Google? And that is when you pay yet another vendor to manage those unwanted pesky bad reviews.

So, the question is how often does a customer go to your website and why would they go there? They mostly go there to research buying a car right? Well how often do they buy a car? Research shows that customers buy a car at best once every four years and certainly if they are unhappy not from your dealership. So, your website will end up under delivering on analytics which then you are told to spend yet more money to promote it on SEO and SEM; minimum cost of which is another $2000 per roof. So, now you pay for a site that is under performing twice to get customers that have no relationship with you to this site. It is no wonder that the numbers are low.

Now, how about a site that first and foremost addresses the needs of every day common customer of your dealership, those that are already there and paying? A site that allows them to express themselves to those who can actually address customer concerns without having to call the dealership or finding email address and then, also, presents your inventory and service department in an engaging and elegant manner. A site, that comes across that you care as you provide an avenue for a customer to express their concerns, set appointments, pay online for service, view inventory, read news and updates, text you and your employees. This site exists, its name is autoWALL. It is no wonder that it trumps in unique visitors; in some stores by as much as 1000%. Is it not time you learned about how it works?



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