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What’s up with all the videos on website backgrounds?

What’s up with all the videos on website backgrounds?

A particular side effect of the 21st century is something called digital motion sickness or cybersickness. Increasingly common, according to medical and media experts, it causes a person to feel woozy, as if on a boat in a churning sea, from viewing moving digital content” Feeling Woozy? It may be cyber sickness according to an article written by Kate Murphy in the digital New York Times.

So, what is causing so many auto dealerships to install these websites with moving background videos? I guess they are listening to the fabulous stories their vendors are telling them about the success of these sites.

But a review of any truly successful e-commerce website of the millennium such as Apple’s or Amazon’s shows nothing moving in the back ground. Instead, they present a site that is easy to maneuver and enables the consumer to find what they need easily and quickly. But somehow, we auto dealers are convinced that these sites, which so proudly present the aerial views of our fabulous dealerships, are engaging to the consumer. Has anyone performed a review of what the customers actually think about these sites? Well my personal experience is that although I do not suffer from motion sickness, I do feel extremely uncomfortable when viewing one of these sites. It makes me wonder how many “me’s” there are.

Also, what dothese sites with fabulous drone-generated aerial views of our dealerships promote? That we have beautiful buildings? And that we have spent a lot of money building them? How does that ingratiate us with our customers? And what are we trying to sell? Buildings or cars? And going back to the e-commerce sites, where do you see any reference to Amazon’s fabulous headquarters on their e-commerce site? It really is not too difficult to review the concept of Cybersickness and realize that your very expensive site can actually alienate the one group of people you are trying to engage. Is it not time we started a conversation about this matter?


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