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autoWALL delivers: Increased Customer Satisfaction & Proven Results

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  • autoWALL // Designed in responsive web-design, autoWALL® is the only patent-pending interactive customer community specifically tailored to car dealers and their customers, offering a comprehensive owner portal, marketing campaigns, proactive reputation management, and accompanying CRM. Click here to learn more!
  • PayWALL // Automotive service is one of the few places where a customer still has to come to dealership and in many cases still stand in front of a cashier at the end of a busy day to pay and pick up vehicle. This makes for a bad experience even if the service department has done their job expertly. So, why not reduce employee cost, and improve customer experience by allowing them to pay on line? This seamless, easy to use system takes little to install, literally requires no employee training and best yet it’s reasonable to buy. Learn More
  • Digital Soultions for Service Drive (DS4SD) // The consumer of millennium requires a different treatment at the dealership autoWALL is already there to support you.

    • Allow true appointment setting in form of “shop Loading” from the web by customer and import and append appointments into DMS
    • Using tablet search VIN and identify the customer vehicle
    • Using tablet take photos of vehicle and upload to customer profile
    • Have ability to text message client during visit and keep record within customer profile
    • Be able to communicate warranty information to the customer via text or post or email
    • Enable ability to choose a loaner
    • Pay on line, using SPOL which uses PayPal for ultimate security

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  • cycleWALL // Specifically tailored to motorcycle dealers and their customers, offering a comprehensive owner portal, marketing campaigns, proactive reputation management, and accompanying CRM. It takes the concept of social, and turns it on its head, to produce quantifiable results. Improve the ROI of your digital marketing spend with cycleWALL today. Learn more.
  • salesmanWALL // Studies show that branding yourself as a salesman sells cars!  Why not have your own “member” site of your customers.  Think of this as your own website and your own mini facebook.  With your site, you can then easily communicate with your customers and they can with you, without having to know contact information. Read more!
  • CRM // Dealing with prospects also comes into focus in addition to delivering your web content and owner marketing. GratisCRM provides sixteen years of CRM production experience into one simple easy to use tool which is certified by most all OEM, and is mobile compliant! Read more!
  • truckWALL // This outstanding portal is focused toward anyone who wants to sell a truck easily and seamlessly at low presentation cost on the web.  The site provides outstanding placements on search engines and generates quick leads for truck dealers. Learn More