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After many years of experience in providing technology solutions to the automotive industry, it became evident to the founders of Gratis that key opportunities existed beyond the products and services provided. At Gratis Tech, we recognized that most tools available to the dealer were cumbersome, expensive and required long term contracts.

Gratis was developed in order to address these shortcomings.

Gratis, as the name implies, provides users with the freedom to choose products and services designed for their needs. We have taken the opportunity to empower the retail consumer with the freedom to access their information, strengthening their bonds with the dealership. AutoWALL®, PayWALL and TechWALL were developed to connect consumers in a community with their dealers, building trust and loyalty.

Customers can now have easy access to their service records, sales information, and vehicles of interest. Additionally, they can access personalized incentives and express dissatisfaction easily in order to have it addressed by dealership management before it affects your loyalty scores. In addition to easily accessible customer information, we allow your employees to communicate seamlessly with customers and each other.

In short, Gratis Solutions deliver win-wins – for dealer and consumer.

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