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techWALL Features

techWALL removes the “black box” nature of the service business while also increasing $ per RO.

Electronic multipoint inspection (“Vehicle Health Report” or “VHR”)

  • Extensive “smart” appointment setting tools which interfaces with DMS
  • Service Drive Checking in solutions which identifies both vehicle and customer
  • RO Open in DMS based on Estimate
  • Extensive Routing sheet
  • Comprehensive communication dashboard
  • Tech inspects vehicle and clicks problem items amber or red (must do complete check list)
  • Each item chosen can include video and photos as well as internal comments
  • The VHR shows work required and soon recommended
  • Estimate is posted to customer profile and provided to customer in any form chosen

Direct communications throughout shop

  • Tech saves VHR to the dashboard and others are immediately visually alerted to the completed VHR
  • Parts is alerted by notifications, color change to dashboard and flag changes on dashboard that a technician has completed a VHR. Parts then views that VHR and prices items needed
  • Parts and technician can also post notes for each item chosen
  • Service Advisor is also alerted based on flag changes on dashboard that a VHR is ready for labor pricing.
  • Service advisor can also see notes, add notes, change flags and set pick up time all visible to the whole service

Enhanced approval process

  • Customer chooses desired work
  • Declined work is noted and saved

Tech Flexibility

  • Techs can use tablets or not

techWALL Benefits

Increased profits/high fixed absorption

  • More lines/hours per RO (+29% in highline, +15% midline)
  • RO moves through shop more quickly & efficiently
  • Quicker approvals so techs are more efficient…increase from 5 hours per day of work closer to 8 hours


  • Customer receives clean, professionally designed report showing required work. Via text and email
  • Photos and videos of affected parts
  • Provides direct communication between tech and consumer. Enhancing trust and personalization between customer and dealership

Legal protection for dealership

  • All communication is saved for perpetuity.
  • All text also has opt out compliancy features
  • All declined repairs are kept for further automated follow-up

Improved CSI/customer retention

  • Customers enjoy the quick, professional process of direct communication with tech
  • Customers appreciate the spontaneity of the process

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