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The impetus for installing this tool is the following:

1- The technician who is the real actor diagnosing issues is seldom in a “live” communication with consumer
2- The “Vehicle Health Report”, better known as the Multipoint Inspection VHR, is usually completed after the fact and printed in paper form only
3- By the next time the customer comes back the Multipoint Inspection VHR is destroyed and very hard to reproduce causing a great deal of “well, we told you last time on the Multipoint Inspection VHR” comments which are non-productive
4- The present form of the Multipoint Inspection VHR has no actual pricing for customer to be able to make an informed decision.
5- Dealership loses revenue, customer is unhappy as car was not properly fixed! All in all a very unfortunate situation. Service department abandonment happens here.

How Does techWALL work?
1- Customer is received in service line; vehicle issues are diagnosed and vehicle is dispatched to technician.
2- Technician logs into techWALL locates customer initiates a “Vehicle Health Report”, Multipoint Inspection VHR
3- Once completed he submits the Multipoint Inspection VHR, which then the system forwards the technician completed Multipoint Inspection VHR to Parts department with an email notifying Parts of its existence
4- Parts prices the item chosen and clicks submit
5- The partially completed Multipoint Inspection VHR is then submitted to the original Service Advisor who is also notified of its completion
6- The advisor then completes labor cost on VRH and clicks submit
7- This complete Multipoint Inspection VHR with actual cost associated is communicated via techWALL to customer. A text or email also notifies customer of its existence.
8- Customer has rights to decline any item they wish. The system will re-price accordingly based on customer decision
9- Once customer clicks submit his decision is then communicated to the advisor who can take action accordingly
10- All items declined by customer are kept in the Multipoint Inspection VHR for future reference and kept as “declined” services
11- Once service is completed SPOL will take over and communicate to customer the vehicle is ready and offers them the option to pay on line if they wish.