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techWALL addresses the holistic needs and offers “The” solution for Fixed Operations. Endorsed and able to fully integrate with all DMS systems, techWALL is the most advanced platform on the market today.

See all the techWall Features below.

techWALL Process

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techWALL Pricing

techWALL guarantees the complete suite for less than any other platform on the market. In addition, removing unneeded platforms will pay for itself.

techWALL Features

techWALL consolidates the best Fixed Operations functionalities on the market today allowing dealers to remove repetitive and unneeded platforms.


  • Extensive “smart” appointment setting tools which interfaces with DMS
  • BDC platform identifies real-time shop loading for proper appointment allotment
  • Declined Services, most recent marketing and service history displayed for Agent to discuss with customer
  • Pre-appointment and post-appointment automated text and email confirmation and customer appreciation for on-line review

Service Lane

  • Touchless Service Check-In solution with the ability to create an RO in the DMS from anywhere in the world with any remote device
  • Active walk-around with complete media functionality (stored in the cloud) documenting damage and presenting opportunity for service and parts sales
  • eSignature that prints out on RO
  • Dealer and Factory recommended maintenance menus
  • Manufacturer Portal Integration including recall information
  • DMS completely eliminated from Service Advisor allowing for one-platform functionality if desired
  • User friendly Multi-Point Inspection (Vehicle Health Report)

Service Shop

  • Electronic dispatching based on technician skill level and operation codes eliminates destructive time wasting
  • Every vehicle receives Vehicle Health Report “VHR”, from technician’s thorough inspection, with no possibility of “pencil whipping” the VHR
  • User friendly VHR allows technician to complete and document all essential items needing attention from their own devices (if desired)
  • Complete media functionality available for any technician recommendations

Communications Platform

  • Comprehensive internal and external TCPA compliant, two-way text messaging
  • Internal Instant Messaging with screen pop and audible notifications for instant response
  • Historical accounting of all communication within customer profile
  • Estimate of repairs and services along with VHR are sent via text, email or both to customer either by Service Advisor or automatically after all tasks have been completed, eliminating technician down-time
  • Parts Department notification allows for instant estimate development
  • Complete parts integration allows for true push and pull of parts catalog in DMS
  • User friendly approval process allows for immediate customer-to-Service Advisor response, eliminating technician down time
  • Declined Services are fully documented and preserved for future marketing
  • Real-time updates of vehicle progress available to customer via text, email or both
  • Historical time-line, saved on cloud, of every process point during a customer visit

techWALL Benefits

Increased profitability

  • More lines/hours per RO (+29% in highline, +15% midline)
  • Decreased Repair Order throughput time
  • Expedited approvals decreasing technician down-time and increasing production hours
  • RO moves through shop more quickly & efficiently
  • Quicker approvals so techs are more efficient…increase from 5 hours per day of work closer to 8 hours

Increased Fixed Absorbtion

  • Elimination of other third-party Fixed Operations platforms reduces unnecessary expense
  • Average of 24% monthly cost reduction compared to other platforms on the market
  • Increased production hours by the correct skilled technician dramatically improves ELR
  • Automated dispatching eliminates “favoritism” and greatly improves efficiency


  • Customer receives professional, digital and easy to understand report indicating condition of vehicle and showing required work via text, email or both
  • Digital media paints clear picture of a technician’s recommendations on the customers vehicle
  • Provides direct communication between technician and vehicle owner. Enhancing trust and personalization between customer and dealership
  • Customer kept informed of each stage of service visit
  • Complete audit trail of every stage of the Repair Order
  • Complete audit of customers with online bill pay

Legal protection for dealership

  • All communication is saved for perpetuity
  • All text communication is TCPA compliant
  • Declined Services are fully documented for future use and automated follow-up

Improved CSI / Customer Retention

  • Providing a personalized service experience will build long lasting relationships
  • Customers are holistically kept up to date from beginning until end of service visit
  • Customer engagement is 76% more likely due to a user-friendly platform and direct communication with technician through “helping” a customer find solutions*
  • Customers that identify and have success using a professional, user-friendly platform that is presented in laymen terms, with a trusted advisor are 79% more likely to purchase and return to your dealership*


  • Customer signature for all authorizations digitally stored for live with date and time stamp
  • Manufacturer approved signature with digital date and time stamp for warranty add-on line approval
  • Manufacturer approved signature with digital date and time stamp for warranty part core return

*Information provided by Salesforce “State of the Connected Customer”

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