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Improving your customer’s service experience through transparency while increasing lines per RO.


  • Electronic Multi-point Inspection
  • Ability to include photos
  • Estimate is posted to customer profile
  • Direct communications throughout the shop
  • Automated routing of information from tech to parts to adviser
  • VHR is sent through email or text to customer
  • Easy approval process through profile or mobile device
  • Declined work is noted and saved for future opportunities


  • Increased profits and high fixed absorption
  • Up to 29% increase in lines per RO
  • Increased efficiency through RO processing and quick approval
  • Builds trust through transparency
  • Customer receives clean, professional report showing required work
  • Direct communication between technicians and customers
  • Legal protection for dealership by tracking declined services
  • Improved CSI and customer retention through smooth, professional, and proactive communication

<!– This too is going the way of the dinosaurs….

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