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Years of experience in providing technology solutions to the automotive industry, it became evident the tools available to the dealer were cumbersome, expensive and required long term contracts. These disparate and costly tools also do not address the problem of outward customer migration, how to retain them and how to make the service department, the true profit center of today, more effective.

autoWALL® is a holistic tool addressing the needs of a dealership be it website, marketing, owner portal and digitalization of service drive in one single simple system with total focus on improving dealership profitability and customer experience.

What is autoWALL®?

autoWALL is an “interactive customer community”. Think FaceBook where all the customer body and “dealership people” are members of the community. Through this tool the members can communicate without having to know each other’s email address or phone number. The customer community cannot communicate with one another; however, the customer can communicate directly to all members of the dealership people all the way up to dealer principal. autoWALL core functionality is primarily focused on customer retention and care. It is the voice of the customer being heard and issues handled. autoWALL addresses the most pressing concern of Millennials which is “Save me time and communicate”. The customer’s ability to communicate seamlessly with any member of the dealership is highly coveted by the customer. By opening the lines of communication, the dealership then in turn greatly affects their reputation scores on the web, increases their web lead generation scores and ultimately improves chances of acceptance of their communication with that customer. autoWALL, gives the customer the impression that, for a change in the automotive world, they are finally in the driver’s seat and that their voice really counts. There are many companies that provide surveying abilities; however, nothing replaces the ability to communicate in real time, when a customer needs help. autoWALL is the only tool in the market place that can deliver such functionality. System’s and tools that are successful are those that make the lives of everyday consumer easier. autoWALL certainly delivers on both the dealership side as well as consumer side.


How Does it work?

autoWALL is designed for use over the World Wide Web and is scalable for use with different size databases. The product is a tool for the dealership to build a community network of their own constituent clients in both sales and service as well as with their employees. autoWALL holds the entire historical database of a dealership and is certified with most all primary DMS providers. The dealer or the “Ultimate User” can put as much content as they wish on their WALL. This information can range from advertising, public relations information or newsletters and when tied to sites of other “authorities”, such as Toyota Motor, can greatly improve SEO. The WALL in actuality can and does replace the dealership website. The entire dealership inventory is accessible from the WALL; hence, constantly emailing a client with complex, long emails become unnecessary. Simple one line communications through the product can alert members of the “community” of the changes on the primary WALL be it new inventory or special content of interest. The entity customer can also use their own WALL to store information concerning items that they wish to be accessible to the dealership users. However, the customer does not build their “vehicle profile.” This profile is built from historical data of sales and service available through the dealer management system and in fact is another reason customers like autoWALL. This information is not easily accessible, as a rule, in a single concise format to anyone including the customer and this availability of the “profile” and the information contained makes the system highly popular with the customers. The customer can store makes and models of other cars they own so that their dealer can communicate with them if they have offers concerning a vehicle such as theirs. This is building a “Wish List” of vehicles of interest that can then be communicated with dealership employees when such vehicle enters the inventory. The product is used by dealership management as well as sales personnel to better track the activities of potential car buyers as well as follow the activities of dealership customers through the car ownership period including the very important service activity. This data in turn is provided in many management reports such as “vehicle popularity”.

Gratis also provides tools and services that further address the concept of “Save Time and communicate” in service and sales departments. These tools include Digital Solutions 4 Service Drive, SPOL (the most sought after online payment system available in this vertical) and techWALL where inspection tools are used for further communication, authorization acquisition and better vehicle care while the vehicle is still in the service department as well as for future services.


A Case for autoWALL ® as a Web site

Why does autoWALL make an outstanding website? If the first and foremost functionality of a website is to bring customers to the site, engage them and retain them, well the above description indicates how that is achieved. The customers frequently visit the site for their own vehicle information. Also all communication, pertinent vehicle information, dealer blogs and articles are posted on the WALL and the customer is always directed there to read the content. In this section we will discuss the actual success of the site as at present there are versions of autoWALL with over three years of data. As they say the “Proof is of course in the pudding.”

There are many “tricks” of the trade for SEO optimization and many companies do sell SEM to dealers for high prices. However, as the numbers below indicate the best way to garner clients to a website is engaging with the client prior to and during their visit to the site. The website of the millennium is one that is specific to each and every customer and autoWALL is exactly that.


Wonder if customers will join?

After all they buy a car every four years and service that car twice a year! Who wants yet another portal!

Think Again!

Reputation Scores on a Website Matter! How many Hyundai Dealers have this kind of Score or reviews?


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