Nelson Long


"We are enjoying a record year in the mechanical department. The past four months have each beaten any month prior to this year. This is happening in, what is otherwise, a less than banner year. One month can be a fortune fluke, two probably not, four, there is something going on. What has changed? Personnel are unchanged. The only difference that we can determine is that we were not using techWALL during the first five months of last year. Excluding the body shop, looking at mechanical only, sales are up 9.9% and gross is up 12.2%. This is significant. Sales per customer labor RO are up 0.21hr. Except internal, which reflects vehicle sales, we are seeing an across the board increase in all labor. We think that the techs and service advisors are finally hitting their stride in using this tool and expect to see this growth continue. payWALL is growing as customers become aware of its convenience. They all appreciate the express pickup and express pickup is just a natural outgrowth from express service. Thank you. autoWALL is creating a bright spot in a somewhat uphill year."

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