Nelson Long


"A service drive and technician tablet system that actually works. We have been using techWALL in our shop for several years. It works. It accelerates the entire process of service aisle write up, dispatch, having the technician inspect the vehicle, notifying the vehicle owner of additional work required or recommended, providing multiple supporting videos, getting approval, notifying work complete, and finally being paid – all on a tablet or the customer’s phone. For that matter, the techs often use their phone to create the videos. The phone is easier to fit into those tight spots than is the tablet and because it is so easy, there tend to be multiple videos with each VHR/MPI. When covid struck, we already had “touchless” service. Customers can pay from their phone before the vehicle is delivered back to them or, increasingly, before they pick it up. We never had access to their credit card, which is, I think, a benefit to us and customers too, seem to enjoy. I believe that we will see an increasing use of payWALL long after covid is just an unpleasant memory. The tool is easy to use, very competitively priced, works with all DMS without double entry, and alone has increased our sales per RO by half an hour. This not because we’ve gotten better at sales but, because techWALL allows us to better provide what the customers want in their vehicle ownership experience."

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