Duane Sanders

Santa Barbara Auto Group

"A number of years ago when the MB Digital Service Drive was rolled out we jumped from AutoPoint MPI to CDK Service Edge. I could not have made a larger mistake. Our fixed ops team was ready to take me out behind the building and shoot me. I pushed back on MB really hard because what was apparent to me was that trying to get a number of different vendors to create products that worked together to provide a smooth customer experience was creating a horrible experience for our teams at the dealership. I called it the Frankenstein approach. I have known Saphura and her team for a long time. We worked with her team to polish techWALL (and payWALL) so that our teams love using it. It’s simple for the techs, parts advisors, service advisors and business office. This is a product that works with whatever process you have in your store. It does not require the dealership team to abandon how they do things today, it allows them options. As Saphura stated they have the Fortellis integration with CDK and if you use the Dealer Track DMS the integration is seamless and tablets usage is very easy. From a customer experience they can do everything on their phone, their tablet, their desktop or in person. At the end of the day we need to be nimble and let the customer decide how they want to do business. It is designed for dealers by dealers with all the customers in mind. For Gratis Technologies the customer is the dealer however they also clearly understand the needs of the dealerships clients as they have a background in dealership operations as well. Yes it can help increase sales and revenue however that’s a byproduct of the Customer Experience. My suggestions is to have MBUSA pick 4-5 of your top service managers / fixed operations directors to take a look at the product and give you their feedback. Let the people who will be working with the tool tell you what they think. I know what that answer will be. This is a tool that I believe your dealers will appreciate being available. It's cost effective and competitive. The customer service is outstanding. The results will speak for themselves."

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