NADA 2018

One of the busiest people in the dealership are service advisors who are greeting customers coming in helping people online or on the phone setting appointments all along; promising the customer who just left their car that they will communicate with them while the car is in the shop about further services needed and when the car is going to be ready. And, as the people in the face of advisor are louder and require more attention, he quickly forgets about the customer who left and he promised to communicate with. In a large service department where repair numbers are in the hundreds per day this can magnify to be quite a huge problem. So, customer does not hear from dealership and he calls and he calls and he calls for the status on his vehicle. These status calls can become quite a new monster to deal with in a very busy service department. They cost not only money but cause disgruntled customers who will give you bad reviews and or express their unhappiness by abandoning your dealership or abandoning your brand totally. Being as at autoWALL not only we believe that a happy employee leads to yet happier customers, we believe in all our products that we should make the life of employee, first and foremost, easier and not to add to their burden. That burden, also incudes products that are hard to learn and require lots of training. Because, we also believe that if we make usage of any of our tools difficult to learn, that is the quickest way that dealership employees tend to abandon the tool no matter the level of effectiveness. So, in order to address the status calls, we have developed this easy to use autoWALL APP which advisor downloads to his own cell phone and accesses the open repairs directly and sends quick easy texts back and forth to the customer. The customers love it, as they hear from him and the advisors love it as it is simple quick and is on their phone. Mind you the texts are all held in the system repository of texts for that dealership and can be easily recouped for accountability concerns and yes, they are compliant as well. And guess how they have affected status calls in one of the largest BMW dealerships in the country with their most busy service advisor? He used to have 10% status calls, and that number is now reduced to a mere 1%. Pretty amazing result no? You want to learn about this amazing product and the other sister products? Come see us at booth 1780C at NADA 2018 in Vegas. We look forward to seeing you at NADA and introducing you to the amazing awAPP.

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