Get your dealer online payment system now!

So, what is the impetus for online payment system? It is a winner all the way around. Look at it this way what do the consumer of today go for? Experience, Experience and further experience. That translates to; all the nice amenities in the service department but most of all quick well performed service that does not waste time. You could have a very beautiful dealership; a very nice service advisor and the repair done expeditiously and well the first time and even save them money. But have that customer stand at the end of busy day, with two hungry kids in the car screaming, in front of your cashier to wait to pay and to review that invoice can wreck the whole experience. It is amazing that online payments trickle in all day but there is a tsunami of payments at the end of day specially Friday nights and in large metro areas where driving is tough. Customer wants to make sure that they can pick their car up even if they are passed closing. And, dealership can rest comfortably that they are paid for the work done and have a small crew that can just release a car upon identification in place after hours, not the whole department. So, as a dealer you save money on overhead and end up with much happier customer a win win all around and you really have no choice. The sooner you bite the bullet the better. Don’t wait till your customers ask for it as it will make you come across as behind times. See how much stuff you buy online and remember you are a member of the same community.

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