A Case for a Holistic Product

Have you ever wondered why is it that there are so many vendors addressing the needs of one single auto dealership for so much cost? You might say; well they each have one DMS and the answer would be correct but DMS only addresses a very small segment of their needs and requirements and that segment is becoming smaller day by day. After many years of serving these communities with software technologies I have come to the conclusion that the reason lays in the fact that departments within a dealership are ran as separate entities each with their own responsibilities and tend to compete against one another. Each department such as variable, used and fixed are supposed to be profit centers in their own right and hence they tend to compete against one another and try and improve their own profitability singly. There is nothing wrong in this type of management except that the customer of all these "departments" tends to be the same person and as he is the recipient of all communications from all departments, this becomes very confusing for the consumer and a tremendous drain on money and resources of the dealership. So what is the solution? What would you say if I proposed a system similar to DMS that can manage most all the customer facing and communications needs such as website, CRM, marketing texting and posting, lead generation, reputation management, online payment and ultimately digitalizing the service department. You would probably say that would be great but where does such a thing exist? The answer is autoWALL the elegant system that starts with building a customer/ employee community of all the dealership people through which these people can communicate. Think of this as facebook type of product. You see facebook is a social community and is a website as well and you can obviously use it as a strong marketing and communication platform. And as this product is built with so much power it can be expended to further serve the dealership with tools such as digitalizing the service drive.

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