Fortellis DMS Integration

Revolutionizing Automotive Fixed Operations Efficiency: Gratis Solution® ® Selected for Fortellis Integration Beta Test.
In a pivotal move toward enhanced automotive Fixed Operations management, Gratis Solution® has proudly announced its selection by CDK Dealer Management System for beta testing the full integration of Fortellis. This marks a significant shift from traditional third-party applications (3PA) to a more streamlined and comprehensive approach.

The Power of Fortellis Integration
Fortellis, an industry-leading platform for automotive innovation, is set to reshape the landscape of automotive solutions, especially that of the service departments . Its seamless integration capabilities empower dealerships with unprecedented efficiency, allowing for real-time data sharing, improved workflows, and a holistic approach to customer service.

Why Gratis Solution® / techWALL®
Gratis Solution® 's selection for beta testing signifies its commitment to excellence and innovation in the automotive fixed operations sector. Known for its cutting-edge solutions, Gratis Solution® / techWALL® has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in Fixed Operations dealership management. This partnership with Fortellis opens new avenues for maximizing operational efficiency and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Breaking Away from 3PA Tradition
Moving away from traditional third-party applications, Gratis Solution® has and still embraces the Fortellis platform, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry's evolution. This strategic shift promises a more integrated, responsive, and agile ecosystem, ensuring Fixed Operation departments stay ahead in an ever-evolving automotive landscape, where customer communication, transparency and satisfaction is in the forefront of customer management.

What to Expect from the Beta Test
During the beta test, Gratis Solution® / techWALL® will rigorously assess the Fortellis integration, focusing on its ability to seamlessly integrate with CDK Dealer Management System. This integration will focus on the complex push of service appointments into the CDK DMS. The goal is to identify strengths, enhance functionalities, and ensure a smooth transition for dealerships opting for this revolutionary integration. Benefits for Dealerships Dealerships participating in the beta test can anticipate a host of benefits, including improved data accuracy, streamlined workflows, and a reduction in operational complexities and possibly cost. The full integration of Fortellis aims to empower dealerships with the tools needed to enhance customer engagement and elevate the overall dealership service experience.

The partnership between Gratis Solution® and Fortellis is a testament to the commitment to innovation within the automotive industry fixed operations. As the beta test unfolds, it heralds a new era where dealerships can look forward to a more interconnected, efficient, and customer-centric approach to automotive management. Stay tuned as Gratis Solution® leads the way in embracing Fortellis integration, setting the stage for a future where automotive solutions are not just tools but strategic partners in driving success in the digital age.

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